I'm Katie.

Nice to meet you!

Born and raised in Florida, I moved to Los Angeles right after I graduated from the University of Florida (go Gators!) in June 2019.

I've spent the past year doing exactly what I love: writing about film and television the way I've always wanted to see these industries covered. 

The truth is, I love a movie premiere as much as the next person. But, film and television are massive industries that influence so much about our society. I'm here to tell stories about how they operate — how they push us forward, hold us back, and everything in between.

And while my degree focused mostly on print journalism, I have a knack for video producing, too! I've produced and edited interviews for red carpets, junkets, and more — and I would love to help you with your video content. ​

freelance writer video producer

more about me:

This is Luna. She's my spunky kitten that I treat like a human child. I am a certified Cat Person, and would have probably a dozen if I could.